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ATTENTION VENDORS: New Vendors are Coming Soon!  Don't miss your opportunity to get in on the ground here for more details.
Val Music
Songs of patriotism and commentary on traditional American Value(s)
The mouse pad that teaches!
Match 'Em Up Socks
Mated socks...Never lose socks again!
Family Business Research Journal
A history of family business.
Fashion Jewelry Wholesale & Retail. Long Islands Fashion Jerelry and Accessory Supplier.
Crafts by Susan
Decorative crafts on wood
Pattie's Bride Dolls
Dolls w/ Hand-crocheted wedding dresses
Designs By Eve
Women's accessories
Gourmet fudge & more
Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge
Inspirational Songs
“A Day with Mary” Marian Conference
Mass and Confessions

Shop at the many vendors along our online street and craft fair!  Among the items you can buy are: beanie babies, decorative wood signs, music CDs, handmade dolls, computer mouse pads, and more!


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